Professionally conducted, with your hygiene and safety as our priority.

At Tatau Tattoo and Piercing Studio, we do all sorts of different type of body piercings from ears, nose, eyebrows, naval piercings, dermal piercings and Anchor piercing.

Getting a piercing is a very quick procedure but taking care of the piercing is the most important part. Our team of experts have been in the piercing field since almost a decade and are currently holding expert sessions at different studios across the world. Our training programs of piercing enthusiasts takes us all over the country and in nations like Germany, Spain and many more.

Making an appointment

  • Our artists will first discuss your ideas with you and talk to you about what would work as a Piercing for you and what anatomically suits you. As soon as you are settled on the idea and placement we will book in a date with you for the Piercing.
  • We will give you an approximate estimation of the piercing cost.
  • As soon as you agree to the date, we will send you a payment request for the deposit.
  • When the deposit has been received by the artist, they will send you a confirmation message with the information about your appointment such as the date, the time, the address, and some information on the refund possibility of your deposit upon cancellation

Getting your Piercing

  • The artist will discuss the placement of the piercing and explain the process.
  • They will show you the various jewellery options and help you select the best jewellery suited for the placement.
  • They will discuss the cost of the additional jewellery ( If taken )

Getting Pierced

  • Getting pierced can be painful; some areas will hurt more than others, and is subjected to your pain tolerance. Your body will generate adrenaline & endorphins, which consume a lot of energy. We advise you to come well rested, have a good meal before starting the piercing session.
  • You can bring 1 person for mental support if needed, but it is best to come by yourself to keep things more calm and relaxing around the studio, as well as during the pandemic, it is best to come alone to support social distancing.
  • No Alcohol should be consumed during the piercing process.

The day of your Piercing Appointment

  • You will be welcomed into our studio, take some time to adjust, have a coffee or a tea while you discuss your piercing.
  • We will briefly explain the process and the aftercare.
  • As soon as you and the piercer are happy with the placement, review it in the mirror carefully before we start the piercing process.


  • When your piercing is done, the Piercer will proceed with the aftercare.
  • Keeping the pierced area clean and hygienic is of utmost importance.
  • The best way to clean your piercing is during a shower, let the running water Clean the piercing and then use a Q-tip to remove the dried blood if necessary.
  • Keep in touch with your piercer during the healing process. If there are any questions or concerns that pop up you can always contact your piercer at any time.


  • Payment will be available digitally or in cash.
  • Card Payments will attach additional Tax.


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